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Title: Hatchet
Author: Gary Paulsen
Publication date: 1987
First Edition: 30th September 1987
Publisher: Bradbury Press
Number of pages: 195
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
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  • Review
I was amazed by this story, meaning I LOVED IT! Brian Robeson was a character that was developed incredibly well. He was always positive and 'tough' facing near death situations. He could close off negative thoughts and replace them with things to do and stuff worth worrying about. I thought it had a simple plot and not much dialog but it is still a book that anyone would love.
  • Summary
Brian is flown over the Canadian forests to visit his father after a sudden divorce. He knows a secret that could ruin everything. He is flying in a private plane that can only carry two passengers including the pilot. Without giving it all away, I can only say he ends up lost,in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but a hatchet. It's the story of his survival, perseverance and changes. He must learn to be one with nature, observe the unobservable, hear the silence and discover his home again.

  • Biography

Gary Paulsen has a true eye for adventure, given he left home and joined the carnival at the age of 14. Gary was born on the 17th of May in 1939, and is now a recognized famous author. He is one of America's most popular authors for young people. A lot of his writings is about the outdoors and nature. He truly has a skill for writing about it. In 1966 his first book was published by the name of 'The Special War'. Most of Gary's series and books tend to have the main character's name in the title. I find that adds a unique but repetitive style. He is well recognized for The Hatchet and the 'Brian Saga including other continuing books.
  • 3 passages significant to you

  1. Page:157 Paragraph: 4
'Come on, he thought, baring his teeth in the darkness
- come on.Is that the best you can do? Is that all you can hit me with- a moose and a tornado? Well, he thought, holding his ribs and smiling, then spitting mosquitos out of his mouth. Well, that will not get the job done. That was the difference now. He had changed, and he was tough. I'm tough were it counts- tough in the head.'

2. Page: 39 Paragraph 3
' Everything was green, so green it went into him. The forest was largely made up of pines and spruce, with strands of some low brush smeared here and there and thick grass and some other kind of small brush all over. He couldn't identify most of it- except the evergreens, and some leafy tree he thought might be aspen...

3. Page 40 Paragraph 7

The rocky ridge was rounded and seemed to be the some kind of a sand stone with bits of darker stone layered and stuck into it. Directly across the lake form it, at the inside corner of the L, was a mound of sticks and mud rising up out of the water a good 8 to 10 feet. At first Brian could not place it but knew that somehow he knew what it was- had seen it in the films. Then a small brown head popped to the surface of the water near the mound and began swimming off down the short leg of the L, leaving a V ripple behind, and remembered where he had seen it. it was a beaver house, called a beaver lodge in the special he'd seen on the public channel.
  • My Comments on the Passages
  1. I find this one important because it shows how he has changed. It also makes me think that he thought "If I'm, going to live, I might as well be happy' for so long, he started to naturally think like that. I think that maybe we all will end up facing something like that then having to change and adapt to our circumstances, probably we will not face such a large problem.
2./3. I chose these two paragraph because they made me happy when I read them. I thought of my second house up in Whistler. I live on a street called Aspen drive so it really allowed me to think of it, In my backyard / swamp / lake is a beaver lodge and a family of beavers. The first paragraph seems really calm, relaxing and tiring, not that it makes tired but it gives you that relaxing tired feeling. I noticed that it has longer sentences and both paragraphs were well described. It reminds me of this morning when I went outside to take my dog out and I just simply breathed in the smell of the forest in front of my house. I waited and heard all sorts of of natural sounds, birds, animals, bugs, everything.

  • What did you not like about the story

I did not like at the end that he was found right after the survival packet was presented to him but I also thought this was one of the best parts. I think that I enjoyed everything within the book except discovering that the fish had eaten most of the pilot's skull and face. That really bothered me. But in the book Brian explained that without this happening he might not have had the fish to eat because the skull and face was a 'good' source of food. One thing that I would say, is that there wasn't a lot of dialogue. I really enjoyed that because you really got to understand how the main character thought and what things meant to him. It also allowed me to not only see, but smell as he did in his particular enviromment.

  • Your recommendation

I think this is a perfect book, one that will activate anyone's imagination. I sat picturing myself in Brian's position. He really let me explore the world, through his view. This is great for all ages and is always a good read and never uncomfortable. Even if Brian's thoughts and realizations can be disturbing or uncomfortable to some readers, the feelings evaporates or is replaced with relief and satisfaction. I recommend this to anyone who could use a good story, a little more imagination, or anyone at all because it is BRILLIANT!

  • So what is the point?

I think that the point of this story is that without hope you'll never be saved or rescued. Brian lost hope for a while but found that was useless so he kept hoping even though he was lost in the middle of nowhere. He changed and adapted to his environment and grew to consider home, I think it shows that in survival circumstances if you find a place that could help and save you, you are going to grow to respect it and love it.